When does morning sickness start

If only I had a dollar for every time that a television soap hinted on a character getting pregnant by the way of her feeling sick. The nausea and vomiting are perhaps the most popularly known symptoms a pregnancy in the early stage. Though usually mild in nature, this sickness phase, generally known as, morning sickness is a tough problem for pregnant women, especially who are facing it for the first time ever in their lives. The body of a pregnant woman undergoes completely brand new changes in terms of hormones; there is not any other scientific explanation known to humans so far.

One of the typical questions that runs through all the minds of all the mothers to be is that when does morning sickness start. Typically, with most women, morning sickness induced nausea can start as early as 4th week of pregnancy and last up to the 16h week. Though there are many remedies – natural and otherwise available that help alleviate the symptoms and effects of morning sickness, it is a natural reaction by the body so cannot be done away with completely.

One of the common suggestions which is easy to follow through is to avoid having an empty stomach; the best way to implement this is to eat in small portions throughout the day.

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