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Spaghetti sauce recipe

If you thought that your love was spaghetti could not increase any further, wait this you try a homemade spaghetti sauce recipe that is based on the way it is made in Mexico. The Mexican chilly brings out a whole new flavor and with some sweetness, either of sugar or honey, you can make a milder version which is suitable for eating daily. Many times ignoring the simple additions that can make a huge difference to a recipe, we end up making something that is too common to be liked well. If you are craving a unique flavor, then you have to understand how the ingredients come into play during your cooking.

There are often many little things that beginner cooks are not aware about so it is better to do some reading about it or consult someone who has been cooking for a longtime. And look for experts of the specific cuisine or the recipe that you are trying to master. Once you have this guidance, there will be no stopping you. You can, after understanding the role of all the ingredients, experiment around with them to create something new; maybe it could even be a signature dish by you.

Peacock costume

I am not the kind of person who limits the costume parties to the eve of Halloween. The thing about me is that I have liked costumes since forever and I am always ready to be a part of one irrespective of the time of the year. I mean, these parties are so much fun where you can totally be someone who you are not in real life and live the fantasy even if for a limited time, it is such a good way to let go of all the stress that you might have accumulated living the normal routine life of yours.

With a 9 to 5 job, there are often many dreams of our childhood that are lost in the boring yet essential day to day life that we live. My job as a personal assistant is only as eventful as my manager’s. This holds untrue when I am invited to a costume party and I can unwind being something or someone that I have always dreamed of being. It is not only about career but there is so much beauty in nature that we do not get time to admire. In my own way, by adorning a peacock costume, I think I get to do just that.